"life without cause is a life without effect"

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supernatural episodes that need to exist

  • slenderman
  • genderswap
  • angels in heat
  • de-aging
  • team free will trapped in fairytale universe with all the brutal original tales
  • human!impala 
  • bonus points if the impala is a dude 
  • and demands dean continue to call him ‘baby’
  • Cas turned into a kitten
  • sam and dean bodyswap
  • musical
  • bonus points if it’s a resurrected Gabriel sticking Team Free Will in the musical


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I want to be shown off. I want somebody to be proud they call me theirs. I want to be introduced to new, exciting things. I want my tears kissed away when my heart is hurting. I want arms to hold me when I shake. I want someone to not judge me by my past, but help me grow and lift me up. I want somebody to be proud of all my accomplishments. I want somebody to love me like I deserve to be.

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